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IMPORTANT! Always preview your message before posting!!!
It is even more important if you're using the codes below.

Automatic *NT* Appending
When displaying the index, the boards automatically puts *NT* at the end of the subject line for posts that contain no text in the actual body.

"Smiley" Codes - For Subject and Message Body
These "smiley" characters or emoticons will be converted to the following:
    :):)     :(:(     :O:O     :D:D     ;);)     :P:P     :\:\     >:(>:(     :|:|
Be sure there is a space before your smiley code or it will not work.

Formatting Codes - For Message Body Only
  1. The following codes are available to you if you want to format your message body. Simply put the appropriate formatting codes before and after the text you want formatted.

    [amazon]keywords[/amazon] Links to Amazon search results for the keywords between the format code.
    [ebay]eBayUserID[/ebay] Inserts list of items currently for sale by a specific user. List updates automatically.
    [img]http://URL-TO-IMAGE[/img] Places an image into post.**
    [b]Bold Text[/b] Bold Text
    [i]Italics Text[/i] Italics Text
    [big]Big Text[/big] Big Text
    [small]Small Text[/small] Small Text
    [red]Red Text[/red] Red Text
    [list] [*]Item 1
    [*]Item 2
    [*]Item 3
    [*]Item 4 [/list]
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3
    • Item 4
    [quote]Quoted Text[/quote] As you can see...
    Quoted Text indented from the regular text.
    ** Graphic needs to be somewhere Web accessible.

  2. Be sure to NEST code properly
    Here's how to do - Bold Red Text - the right way.

      How to do [b][red] - Bold Red Text - [/red][/b] the RIGHT way.

      How to do [b][red] - Bold Red Text - [/b][/red] the WRONG way.

    Here's an example message:

    Would appear on the board as:

      This is a test of the Emergency Formatting System. This is only a test. If this were real formatting, you'd need to do the following:

      • Read the Message
      • Memorize It
      • Log Off
      • Go Outside

      Cool, eh!? And everything here is a hidden message that can only be read online when you highlight it with the mouse. Perfect for spoilers!
Thanks for joining and contributing to our community!

Justin =)

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